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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Soap Chunks Diy for Baby Wipes

It is really easy to make these. I made this recipe because I did not want to run to the kitchen every time I needed a new batch of wipe solution for our terry cloth and flannel wipes(handmade wipes) that we use to cloth diaper with. I figured I am cloth diapering why not use cloth wipes too?

All you need is:

Grater- finest is best (I have a kitchen aid attachment)
1 bar of Castile soap (Walmart in beauty)
4 teaspoons of witch hazel (Walmart near peroxide)
1-1 1/2 Tablespoons liquid glycerin
Essential oil- 16 drops of tea tree or lavender
1/8 cup water

What you do:

Grate bar of Castile soap an put into pan on medium heat

Slowly add other ingredients one at a time mix until well incorporated

Simmer until melted into a paste

Line loaf pan with foil, add paste, press down with hands or measuring cup (not too thin) then let it cool

Cut into small squares and place into a jar with a lid. The jar in the picture is stuffed plus there are extras.

When ready to use place 1 chunk into the squirt bottle half cold water then put in the hot water and shake until cube is dissolved. Now you have your Poo la la spray ready to tackle that tiny little tush without harmful chemicals.

Thanks for reading!


This is our set up for on the go! 

Travel sized bottle of wipe solution made from soap chunks
Handmade Wet bag
Handmade Terry wipes 6x6 inches

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