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Monday, October 10, 2016

Amish Friendship Bread Starter

This is for the starter. You will need this starter to make your delicious breads, to share with others or to continue on for an endless batch. This takes 10 days. Sounds weird I know, BUT PLEASE trust me, this will be one thing we always have on hand. One thing I was told is to NOT use metal utensils or lids with this recipe. Some think it affects the yeast growth. I do follow this rule.

You can easily start with a gallon zip bag which I did my first time.
Now that I am making it regularly I am using a large jar. No smaller than a quart. I also use a peanut butter jar lid. Did you know they fit canning jars? Yep. They do!

On the bag you can draw 10 squares to check off which ever day it is so you can keep track. Also write the date 10 days out so you know what day is give and bake day!!

Are you ready for this?

To start all you need is:

**1cup flour
**1 cup sugar
**1 cup milk

Day one: **Add ingredients to bag
Day two: Mush Bag
Day three: Mush Bag
Day four: Mush Bag
Day five: Mush Bag
Day six: **Add ingredients to bag
Day seven: Mush Bag
Day eight: Mush Bag
Day nine: Mush Bag
Day ten: Give a cup or bake day!!!

Start over-
With just 1 cup of reserved starter to keep it going just start with day one after you add your new **ingredients.

Look out for yummy amish bread  recipes that use the starter.

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