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Saturday, May 4, 2013

DIY Recipe Binder

I am getting my family recipes organized! The recipe binder is going very well for our family and I am glad that I dont have to write them out. Now they can be copied and given out! Yay to no more messy handwriting..What I truly mean is, when you are trying to write, hold a baby, plus eat at the same time.  YOU can also customize your own recipes on google drive and print them out or even share them. Email me at Jlm.customize@gmail.com if you want me to create them for you!

Here is a free weekly menu planner that I created!

Free recipe binder covers on Prudent baby. Have not got that far into creating yet. I will share when I do though.

This is a link to around 50 or so printable recipe card templates to put your recipes on before you add them to your binder!

This is so simple you can even add a page from a magazine or written on pages.

This is a free printable recipe to start you off. (not my recipe or photo) they had no option to print out the recipe. Green Smoothie Recipe from pinterest.



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