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Monday, June 20, 2011

Private Sewing Class Information & Payment

Sewing Class- Beginner- 10 weeks
($100 full session)
Skype classes available

Lesson Plans:
  1.         Sewing Machine Introduction & Tools
  2.         Stitching Sheets, Practice
  3.         Threading Basics & Practice
  4.         Introduction to Fabrics
  5.         Sewing Terms & Practice
  6.         Salvage,Grain & Fabric Fold
  7.         Marking & Pressing
  8.         Hand Sewing Project * Pincushion Ring
  9.         Practice *Plastic Bag Keeper
  10. *Petal Shirt, Up-cycle

*If you want to choose another project I can substitute
Materials Needed:

Plastic Bag Keeper- 3/4 yard cotton/blend
Petal Shirt- “t-shirt”, matching Pack of Quilting Squares

Thank You for your interest in beginner sewing classes. If you need any further assistance please contact me.

Refer a friend get one FREE class you choose the project!

Payment Options

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